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Social Media Marketing will boost your profile, extend your reach and increase customer contact.

Our simple to use tool, enables scheduling, image and content creation and extensive statistics.


Social Media Marketing

Socialater launched this year and has been growing in a number of vertical business sectors, cloning the core toolset and modifying the branding to suit. From this feedback, we've shaped the tools and services offered to help you make the most of marketing on Social Media platforms. 

We didn't stop at a Social Media Manager, as we wanted to connect our community as well. Our social network, allows businesses to share collaboratively in order to build knowledge and awareness of new products and services. It's a creative supportive environment and we encourage all our clients to join us.

DIY, Outsource or both

To compliment the business toolbox, we offer services to internet marketers or startups requiring additional support. We assign an Account Manager to each Professional User, and generate a schedule for the week with your branding. This is based on our unique indepth business profiler tool. Don't worry, you will always get a chance to review and edit, and if you want to top up and add your own topical content during the week, you're free to do that too.

Platform referrals

“Our clients love the content and platform. We've also been giving away social campaigns to close larger sales. As soon as we demo our social control panel, the sale is made.."

— Kirk Fletcher, Express SEO

“It was strategically important that we should be able to offer a full line-up of services to all of our clients. However, we weren’t able to offer social media content creation in our previous set up.”

— Dan Sykes, Director at Harness Digital

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Still doing your own social media marketing ?

As a business owner, I know how caught up in social media we all get and want to own and manage every single tweet, post or update. It's addictive and it fills a pleasure gap. You're always on your phone updating the latest news and pictures of your events. But how are your customers going to see you ? What about your family and friends, don't they deserve more of your attention and time ? Do you really need to be the one who is marketing your business 24/7 ?

At Socialater, we don't think so. We have a team of content experts who will analyse your business and create a schedule of posts for you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can edit or remove any beforehand but we find that most people accept our professional standards soon enough. You'll be able to sit back and relax while our team work on your behalf. To setup, we'll help you connect and even install a social media feed on your website. Our monthly pricing makes it affordable.

Before long, you'll be doing more important things with your time, like talk to customers, and avoid interrupting that precious time with your friends, family and colleagues.

Simply email me at douglas@socialater.com for a quick quote on what we can do for you. We work with small, medium and large organisations and will work with you to satisfy any compliance or approval processes.


Douglas McFarlane is CEO of Socialater, a social media services company.